We Made the Top 10% Because of You


Last week I learned that I am in the top 10% of all self-published authors in America, perhaps in the world. That’s not something that was ever on my radar, but a statistic that I recently learned from a New York publisher, based on actual book sales numbers. For years, I was aware that I was outselling 75% of all books published in the USA every year, but real data suggests we moved way up, and now we’re near the top. We accomplished that together, one social media post, one tour event, one book signing, one online summit, one guest lecture, one group workout, one Facebook group conversation, one Facebook ad, one Tweet, one Instagram story, and one discussion at a time. Without a passionate audience that cares a whole lot, there would be no book sales, and there would be no outreach of this magnitude. We did this together, dating back 15 years. Many people have helped along the way, from my fiancee, Karen, who manages so much behind the scenes, to the team at Vega who put me on tour for so many years, to my editors, designers and book printers, to each and every one of you.

We made it to the top 10%, and we’re only going to go up from here, especially since we just launched a new book, Plant-Based Muscle, last month. Making it to the top 1% would mean a whole lot to me as someone who has wanted to be an author since I was 8 years old, but it would also mean a whole lot to the planet, if we can truly reach people beyond our plant-based athlete tribe. That’s one way we can make some real change, by introducing the life-saving plant-based lifestyle to a more mainstream audience, with a global reach, even with a self-published book. We’ve already toured in Asia, Australia,  Europe, The Caribbean, and all over North America. In fact, in a couple weeks, I’ll head to London, Ontario in Canada for a big 5-day tour, and of course, most of our global outreach is done online.

One of the reasons why we have been successful is because we know how to go above and beyond, and we don’t just sell books. We provide solutions, we inspire, we raise the bar, and we offer up lots of incentives, thank you gifts, bonuses, and rewards, because we truly thank you and we appreciate our readers. We want you to enjoy the experience, not just make a purchase, when you interact with us.

An exciting announcement, directly related to this topic, is that the print version of my latest book, Plant-Based Muscle, is now available for pre-order. Furthermore, brands like Powerootz, Vega, and VeganSmart have all chipped in products for bonus packages currently valued at $20, which will come with every pre-ordered print copy. The only catch is that you have to pre-order before the print book is actually available in order to secure your rewards. Pre-order Plant-Based Muscle here, and please encourage your friends to pick up a copy too. They’ll appreciate all the extras.

Enjoy your rewards, and thank you for your continued support! We wouldn’t be in a position where vegan fitness books are some of the best-selling books in America and around the world, if we didn’t have an amazing foundation of people like you. I’ve been running my website for 15 years now, and whether you’ve been with me for the long haul, or you learned about me or Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness yesterday because of a Facebook ad, I sincerely appreciate you.

Thank you so much for helping make Plant-Based Muscle the next bestselling self-published book in the industry. I am honored to have co-authored this book with my friend and training partner, Vanessa Espinoza (pictured above). Having a female and male perspective with this book makes is especially unique for a plant-based fitness book.


Wondering what Plant-Based Muscle is all about? Read about it here.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!

If we make it north of the top 10%, please know that you played a role in getting us there. And for that, we are forever grateful.

All the best,



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