I’m heading to China!


Hi everyone,

You read that title correctly. I’m heading to China this weekend to give a series of lectures in Beijing at ChinaFit, the premiere fitness expo in mainland China. And we’re having a Huge Book Sale to boost book sales before I leave on Saturday. The book sale is so huge it doesn’t even seem to make sense. Shred It! print and eBook copies are just $9.95 this week. No coupon needed, just order for less than half the price it is listed at Amazon, directly from our website here. We’ll also toss is $30 worth of free extras, for a total value of $50 for just $9.95, as explained below.

I am giving a keynote presentation at a mainstream (not vegan) fitness festival in Beijing, and the people who invited me have already enthusiastically requested to translate Shred It! into Chinese and have the book available for the growing Chinese vegan community, as well as to have this tool to share with non-vegan fitness trainers, coaches, and athletes throughout China. This is a very exciting time, and a huge opportunity to enthusiastically promote a compassionate vegan fitness lifestyle to audiences throughout China.

Will you help me boost book sales before I go? It not only helps make the trip a bit more affordable, as I already have meetings set up with doctors and trainers to discuss translating and distributing Shred It! across China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, but it helps present a growing level of excitement around Shred It!, ensuring wide distribution in foreign languages, increasing the book’s overall reach.

I realize that thousands of you already have Shred It!, so what I’m offering you today, is to order a copy for a friend for just $9.95, and for print copies ordered in the USA, I’ll send a free copy of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine and about $20 worth of coupons for savings on vegan products from brands such as Beyond Meat, Daiya, Follow Your Heart, Mary’s Gone Crackers, and So Delicious to name a few. We’re also going to throw in a couple of Vega Snack Bars valued at $2.50 each. All bonuses are for USA customers only, due to actual shipping costs.

Can you tell I really want to boost book sales before I go to China? $50 value with the book + extras for just $9.95 + shipping for printed copies.

To the best of my knowledge, I will have very limited communication from China. Facebook is not allowed, nor is Instagram, and even Gmail is largely off limits. So I’ll be using my Chinese apps to send updates to my fiancee, Karen, to post on some of our pages for me, and my lone social media platform will be Twitter, as I understand it.

Thank YOU SO MUCH for your support. Again, I realize many of you have Shred It! already, but if you have a friend or family member who you think could benefit from my book, please pick up another copy and enjoy all the extras.

Each individual order this week comes with bonuses, so if you order a copy today, and another one on Thursday, and even another on Friday, you’ll get all the free Vega bars, coupons, and magazines with each order.


Thank you, as always, for your outstanding support!

Have an amazing week, and I’ll catch up on social media before I leave and once I return from China.

All the best,
Robert Cheeke
Founder, Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness


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